The Interment of Ashes

The interment of ashes is the procedure of placing cremation ashes in a permanent location. It’s common to hold a service to accompany the interment of ashes, helping to bring closure to friends and family who are saying goodbye to a loved one.

The Interment of Ashes

After the cremation, the ashes will be collected, stored and given to the family (generally by the funeral director).

A separate interment of ashes, or scattering of ashes service can then take place with family and friends gathering at the burial plot/location, based on the wishes, beliefs and values of the person who has died and their family or friends.

It may include readings, poems and prayers, but equally it may have no religious content.

The interment of ashes’ creates a permanent place, where all those who knew the deceased can pay their respects.

This is particularly comforting for:

  • Those who have a family burial location.
  • Those who like the tradition of the interment of the ashes.
  • Those who want a place to visit and remember their loved one.

Poems for Scattering Ashes

Reading a poem can be comforting for all those attending when scattering ashes or at an interment of ashes service.

Your funeral director can make the arrangements for a scattering ashes or an interment of ashes service.


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